Friday, May 10, 2013

The year continues to march on and we find the finish line right upon us.
We reviewed chapter 21 all week.  Our TEZ on chapter 21 is Monday May 13th.
The study guide they received in class today is similar to last time

Please make lists as I instructed in class. 

First list should be the 25 words (five from each section) you have marked in your NB voc
with a Q or a 1.

Second list should include the 8 words you marked with a T or a 2 in your NB voc and the 12 words on the study guide AND their 20 words

Third list will be all words in your NB voc that do not have a 1 or 2 or Q or T
I came up with 13

Please don't fret if your list has one less.....I do not want you spending 30 minutes trying to figure out what word you are missing.   Just make sure you study them all.

On the study guide you should not have a problem finding the fill in blank.  They are all in the book, your packets and/or voc. except the ones below.....

VE Day... May 7 (or8th) 1945 (if you just remember month and year I'm good !!!)

VJ Day... August 14, 1945 (here again month and year is good)

U.S.S.R.....Union Soviet Socialists Republics

this is in there but a little tough to find....

1950-53 Korean War...bec communist North Korea invaded Democratic South Korea

1965-75 VietNam War...bec communist North VietNam invaded Democratic South VietNam

The Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis....1961-1962...President Kennedy and US congress avoided a nuclear war with Soviet Union

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We will be working on the previous post with all the chapter 20 TEZ class tomorrow (Thursday April 25) and reviewing but some wanted me to post so they could get a jump start !!! Love it !!
We are working toward completing chapter 20 this week.  Today we all missed 1st period and the students involved in the play missed most of their classes today.  I am posting information for section 4 in chapter 20 for their study guide and the voc that will be on ch 20 TEZ. (kinda like a Test and a Quiz)  voc matching and some short answer.

Chapter 20 Sec 4  (Please read in your section and PAY ATTENTION while you are filling in the blanks, make sure it makes sense and remember each line of answers starts answers to a new sentence on the study guide)
791....November 11, 1918...armistice...
Versailles...14 points...
League of would force US into more foreign wars...
792...Balfour Declaration....Jewish homeland
793...WWI...8... (write because after WWI there is no blank)....revolution...1917
Czar...Nicholas II...  300....Romanov....
Vladmir Lenin...
Leon Trotsky....Red...
TEZ matching
  (mark them in your voc sections in your notebook)
1w small sections of 5 matching....imperialism, Leopold II, Panama, Singapore, William McKinley,
2w daimyo, Hong Kong, Matthew Perry, Mutsuhito, Sun Yat-Sen
3w entente, militarism, propaganda, Balkans, Serbia
4w duma, reparation, soviet, David Lloyd George, Vladmir Lenin
the following are also are in the larger matching sections
imperialism, Sun Yat-Sen, conscription, armistice, mandate, William Mc Kinley
PLEASE NOTE: these are in matching as well, write them in your 4w
Liberia-a colony founded by freed African American slaves
East India Company-British traders who fought against the French
Zionists-Jewish Nationalists
Whites-fought the Communists in the Russian Civil War, the US and other Allies sent them aid
Yugoslavia-area of Eastern Europe where Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes lived
Highlight or circle these on your SG...they are in the matching
Boers-Dutch Africans SG sec 1
Boxer Rebellion-SG sec 2 when China's secret societies drove out foreigners
Toyotomi Hideyoshi-banned Christianity, expelled missionaries from Japan sec 2 SG
Triple Entente (mark on your Study Guide) sec 3
Triple Alliance (mark SG sec 3)
Lusitania-mark SG sec 3
The Allies- SG sec3
The Central Powers- SG sec 3
Bolsheviks-SG sec 4 (thought force could bring an ideal society)
all other voc will also be on the TEZ
colony, protectorate, sepoy, sphere of influence, Cuba, Phillipines, Robert Clive, extraterritorality,
Edo, Oda Nobunaga, Port Arthur, Tokugawa Ieyasu, blockade, mobilization, rationing,
Franz Ferdinand, Woodrow Wilson
short answer will come from Sec 3 about WWI...

Monday, April 8, 2013

I sure hope you all enjoyed a restful Springbreak !!!  : )  I know I did.  The students seem to be ready to complete 6th grade as we wind down the year.  There are 7 more weeks and they will be 7th graders !!!
We are having a 13 Original Colonies Quiz on Tuesday (Apr.9th)  they have their map and information and have for almost two weeks.  A review from 5th grade !!  A great time to earn a 100 !!

We are working in chapter 19 please make sure you read the chapter and keep up with your vocab.  We are having a voc Quest Monday Apr. 15 on ch 19 voc.   They have 1w thru 4 w in their NB for this information and we will be adding some voc words from the text ch 19 this week to have enough words for the Quest.

Monday, March 25, 2013

What a great class trip we had !!   The kids were great and I think we all returned exhausted.

VOC. QUEST only on chapter 18....not sure if you received that info or not from your student.  This will be on Tues. the 26th.

I feel sure the information made it home that there will be no school this Friday the 29th in observance of Good Friday, since we did not have any snow days this year.  :  )

We will start a new chapter 19 this week but really work hard after Springbreak.

Have a GREAT SPRINGBREAK and a blessed EASTER holiday with your families.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cahpter 17 Test is next week, hope you are already studying !!!!   :  )

Here is a list of Q and T for vocab .... PLEASE...MARK THEM IN YOUR NOTEBOOK....NOW !!

Matching for QUIZ

Renaissance, secular, diplomacy,Medici, Niccolo Machiavelli, humanism, vernacular, Johannes Gutenberg, Leonardo da Vinci, Reformation, theology, predestination, Martin Luther, John Calvin,seminary, annul, Henry of Navarre, Mary I, Elizabeth I

Matching for TEST

Renaissance, diplomacy, Florence, Niccolo Machiavelli, Johannes Gutenberg, Shakespeare, theology, predestination, Ignatius of Loyola, Mary I, florin, gondolas, Petrarch, chiaroscuro, oil painting, Charles V, Huguenots, James I,  Catherine de Medici (book, page 644)

Of course as I have been informing you ALLLL  year this list does NOT mean that these are the only voc or information in notes or book that are on the test.  All of the voc will be on the Test or Quiz in a multiple choice question if not in the matching

Please make sure you study all the voc

Here are some hints for short answer .....1350-1550......Why did Renaissance begin in Italy?.....
....Why was Italy NOT unified  during the Middle Ages?......Who was Marco Polo?.....His book ?... of Florence...."the Magnificent".....Machiavelli......Petrarch.......Pure Latin.....
....Divine Comedy....Canterbury Tales....Chaucer....printing press..... name the 4 most famous artists of this time and tell a famous work for all but Donatello (he was not in your book, but since he is one of the "Turtles" I want you to list him )...... What was the movement like in England (Angland)...
Martin Luther and his movement Protestantism....What he nailed to door of church..... Erasmus... John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, John Calvin ....Calvinists....Presbyterians.....Counter Reformation....Council of Trent....Huguenots, Bourbon family....Thirty Years War in Europe....Henry VIII, Church of Angland (England), "Bloody Mary",  Puritans, Black Robes, Philippines

Study have almost a week to study for this test with only one written homework assignment

Please stay on track ....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We moved right into the Renaissance and Reformation this last week.  A great chapter with lots of info on this time period.  The students have learned that Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello were painters and sculptors around the 1500s before they were Ninja Turtles !!!  :  )
And some also realized there was a Martin Luther in Germany before there was a Martin Luther King in Atlanta.
Our chapter test is Tuesday March 12th....start studying NOW....this week !!!!

Remember we have exam schedule starting on Wed this week and WS # 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 are due when I see you either Wed or Thurs.  You have them in your notebooks.

We discussed section 3 today (Tuesday) but I want to make sure you have the correct answers in your notebooks, some classes were pushed for time.

starting at top of page N 7....please check your answers and pay attention to the sentencing If it does not make sense you have made a mistake.  Check the book to make sure you are on right track !

N7...Wittenberg Cathedral......pope.....excommunicated.....Lutheran.... 1.Faith in Jesus 2. Bible is the source for truth  3. the church is ALL believers, not just clergy..........

peasant revolt....serfs... peasants .....government....300.....Charles V....Lutheran....German....Peace of Augsburg....German ruler....Lutheran .....Catholic

John Calvin....Martin Luther....Luther's....Switzerland.....decided in advance.... saved.... Calvinism.... ....kings....bishops....Congregations....elders....ministers