Friday, May 10, 2013

The year continues to march on and we find the finish line right upon us.
We reviewed chapter 21 all week.  Our TEZ on chapter 21 is Monday May 13th.
The study guide they received in class today is similar to last time

Please make lists as I instructed in class. 

First list should be the 25 words (five from each section) you have marked in your NB voc
with a Q or a 1.

Second list should include the 8 words you marked with a T or a 2 in your NB voc and the 12 words on the study guide AND their 20 words

Third list will be all words in your NB voc that do not have a 1 or 2 or Q or T
I came up with 13

Please don't fret if your list has one less.....I do not want you spending 30 minutes trying to figure out what word you are missing.   Just make sure you study them all.

On the study guide you should not have a problem finding the fill in blank.  They are all in the book, your packets and/or voc. except the ones below.....

VE Day... May 7 (or8th) 1945 (if you just remember month and year I'm good !!!)

VJ Day... August 14, 1945 (here again month and year is good)

U.S.S.R.....Union Soviet Socialists Republics

this is in there but a little tough to find....

1950-53 Korean War...bec communist North Korea invaded Democratic South Korea

1965-75 VietNam War...bec communist North VietNam invaded Democratic South VietNam

The Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis....1961-1962...President Kennedy and US congress avoided a nuclear war with Soviet Union

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