Monday, April 8, 2013

I sure hope you all enjoyed a restful Springbreak !!!  : )  I know I did.  The students seem to be ready to complete 6th grade as we wind down the year.  There are 7 more weeks and they will be 7th graders !!!
We are having a 13 Original Colonies Quiz on Tuesday (Apr.9th)  they have their map and information and have for almost two weeks.  A review from 5th grade !!  A great time to earn a 100 !!

We are working in chapter 19 please make sure you read the chapter and keep up with your vocab.  We are having a voc Quest Monday Apr. 15 on ch 19 voc.   They have 1w thru 4 w in their NB for this information and we will be adding some voc words from the text ch 19 this week to have enough words for the Quest.

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